It might be time to pack away your Speedo and return the sun cream to the back of the bathroom cupboard until next May, but fear not, there is much to love about the coming months. While the demands on wedding services always peak in the summer, the trend for winter weddings is on the increase. The benefits of getting married out of the primary season are numerous; greater venue availability and picture perfect snowy landscapes spring to mind. Here are a few fantastic winter wedding trends that you can incorporate into your special day.




Those getting married in the winter months will likely, and sensibly, want to head indoors to celebrate their special day. The beach may no longer be an option but there are some fantastic autumnal locations for a perfect wedding. While you might not utilise the grounds as much, wedding venues in the winter come to life in their own, unique way. The traditional architecture, roaring fires and warm lighting make for the perfect whimsical wedding.




Deep plums and rich burgundies are the ideal choices for weddings in the cooler months. If you’re looking for some more masculine hues then dark greens and soft browns are excellent choices. Designers urge people to stay away from blues. While you might consider it to be the most naturally coherent winter colour, it can look cold and is best avoided.




Finally, we can forget about salads until March and tuck into hearty roast dinners and unctuous stews. There are plenty of fantastic seasonal foods around too if you want to go for a locally sourced and organic menu. Wedding caked can eschew summer flowers and instead can be decorated with berries and winter birches, as well as incorporating the enigmatic burnt oranges and reds which autumn brings. Winter weddings are also the perfect opportunity to indulge in rich chocolate desserts and mulled wines. Cheers!




Winter wedding dresses give you the opportunity to incorporate more lace and long sleeves into a dress. There are also plenty of wraps and coats to perfectly complement your outfit. Many ladies also choose to go for a dress of a darker shade at this romantic and cosy time of year. For the men, now is the perfect opportunity to go for stylish tweeds and wear a tailcoat without melting throughout the ceremony.