Top 6 Wedding Regrets


Planning a wedding is something that you, hopefully, only do once in your life. Most people will have never planned such a large event and making mistakes is common. From inviting too many people to not incorporating enough personal touches in your wedding, here are some are some mistakes that you should try to avoid when planning your big day…



Planning Before Budgeting


It’s easy to get carried away and plan your dream wedding in the Scottish Highlands – complete with a flock of bagpipes and 500 guests, only to realise your budget doesn’t match your imagination. Carefully scrutinize your budget before you start with the planning to avoid serious disappointment.


Making the Wedding Last Too Long


An 11 am ceremony followed by photos, champagne receptions, speeches, dinner and a party into the small hours of the next day might appear a fun-filled extravaganza on paper. In reality, a 20-hour wedding marathon is going to leave you and your guests hankering for bed by early evening. Don’t try pack too much into your day or you’ll be too exhausted to fully enjoy it.


Inviting Too Many Guests


Being ruthless with the guest list is not an easy thing to do. However, inviting inordinate amounts of people only leads to the wedding costing you a small fortune and you not being able to spend quality time with any of them.


Not Making a Video


This is one of the most common regrets that always comes up when people are discussing their wedding day. The event can often disappear in a flutter or nerves, excitement and possibly champagne. Filming the ceremony, speeches and other key moments is an excellent keepsake to remind you of all the bits you weren’t able to fully relish on the day.


Too Many Speeches


Everyone might want to share a message with the congregation but you should limit the number of people you actually allow to speak. They might promise to keep it concise but flooded with emotion and booze you can end up with extended open-mic night which turns into a disaster.


Sticking to Tradition


Even at gay weddings, people still consider sticking to tradition to be the right thing to do. There is, of course, nothing wrong with an injection of tradition. However, consider if it is what you really want. Most people wish they had been brave enough to deviate from expectations and curated a wedding more to their personal tastes.